Export Hope was founded and is supported by people who believe travel promotes personal growth!

We believe in empowering people to explore the world and experience different cultures.  Volunteering abroad can positively change travelers as well as the environments and communities they serve.

Export Hope is managed entirely by volunteers—100%.


Student ambassadors are the focal point of our mission.  Through these young adult students, our values are represented around the globe!  They serve others and improve our planet while at the same time broadening their own horizons.

Alyssa Altamirano-Putnam

Founding Ambassador

Alyssa taught English and participated in Community Development projects in Ecuador in June and July of 2019 traveling with our partner, Projects Abroad.

Link here to read a story from Alyssa’s travels to the Galapagos Islands.

Julius Patterson

Founding Ambassador

Julius participated in child education and health projects in Thailand during July 2019 traveling with our partner, Cross-Cultural Solutions.

Link here to read a story from Julius’ travels to Thailand.

Ashlee Owings

Founding Ambassador

Ashlee participated in teaching English and Community Development projects in Costa Rica in July and August of 2019 traveling with our partner, GVI.

Link here to read a story from Ashlee’s travels to Costa Rica.

Jerzo Castellanos

2020 Alumus

Jerzo participated in Animal Conservation programs with a focus on Jaguar conservation in Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica. He completed his travel in July and August of 2021 (COVID-19 delayed) traveling with our partner, GVI.

Link here to read a story from Jerzo’s travels to Costa Rica.



Our Ambassadors’ travels are arranged through our travel partners. We carefully selected partners based on their vast experience sending volunteers abroad. Collectively our travel partners have sent well over 100,000 volunteers abroad. Their teams specialize in sending people on SAFE and meaningful trips where their efforts have a lasting impact. By partnering with the best organizations, Export Hope delivers the safest experiences possible.



Members of our Selection Committee are responsible for reviewing the applications of our ambassador candidates and facilitating the selection of our award recipients.  A rubric for assessment is utilized to assure all candidates are given equal opportunity.  The committee, made up entirely of volunteers, exists to ensure Export Hope sends the most deserving applicants each year.

Caren Busen – Timewell, IL

Emma Capela – Monterey Park, CA

Kelly Cooper-Haskell – Eagle, ID

Brendan Hieber – Dallas, TX

Joan Kasper – Yorba Linda, CA

Ed McAdams – Austin, TX

Lisa Miller – Portland, OR

Charles Myers – Capistrano Beach, CA

Jacquelyn Scott – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Devon Werble – Van Nuys, CA


Our highly experienced board members, from diverse walks of life, help to guide and set the pace for our organization and its future development.  They assist in 1) identifying ambassador candidates, 2) raising funds, and 3) providing the leadership to move things in a positive direction. They understand the importance of serving others and how rewarding an opportunity this is for our travelers.

Roger Busen

Timewell, IL

Emma Capela

Monterey Park, CA

Randall Paul

Mission Viejo, CA

Gabrielle Ridley

Huntington Beach, CA

Jacquelyn Scott

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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