Ambassador Candidate Required Fundraising:

Goal – $500

(The minimum required to participate is $250, the maximum that will be distributed is $500.  Funds raised by/for individual candidates over $500 will be re-directed to other candidates.)

Who to ask:

        – Friends
        – Relatives
        – Coworkers
        – Peers
        – Organizations 

Fundraising Methods:

        – In Person Conversations
        – Social Media (link here)
        – Phone Calls
        – Texts
        – Emails (link here)

Things To Share with Prospects:

1. Enthusiastically – Your planned travel and volunteer activities.
2. The Mission Statement and Values of Export Hope.
3. Participation costs about $5,000.  When you raise $500, Export Hope provides the rest. 

How Supporters Can Give:

1. Share this link with your supporters –
2. Encourage them to find your profile on the webpage and to donate through the link at the bottom of your profile.
(Supporters can also give through fundraisers you create on Facebook or Instagram.)

Some final thoughts related to your fundraising:

– KNOW YOUR LINES:  Be prepared, practice what you will say to people about this. 
– PERSONALIZE IT:  Draft a well written text/email that you can easily personalize, copy and paste, and share individually.
– SAY THANK YOU:  If you thank your donors on social media, this may encourage others to support you too.
– PEOPLE WILL GIVE:  But only if you ask!  You can always work and donate back to yourself if that is easier.
Link HERE for detailed Ambassador Candidate Fundraising Information.