The best way to let us know of your interest in applying for our Summer Ambassador Program is to have a counselor from your college or university contact us.  They should e-mail us at and let us know about your interest in applying.  They should advocate for you in their message, letting us know why they think you are worthy (this program is for students who without our help would not be able to go) and a good candidate for this program, capable of fulfilling all expectations.

If your college or university has a GUARDIAN SCHOLARS or NEXT UP Program, it is ideal if your counselor from one of these programs contacts us.  Your counselors can help us to best understand why you, without our help, may not be able to volunteer abroad and why you would be a great candidate to do so!

When applications are open (during the autumn each year, see timeline for specific dates), we will share the online application link with students based on referrals from their community college counselors.

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